Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Fill!!

Tomorrow is my first fill! I am excited about it. I have been noticing that I am getting hungry more often. This morning I had a protien shake and was hungry about 2 hours later. Then I had a salad for lunch and was hungry like 2 hours after that. Luckily I have found that if I just start pounding the water it will tide me over until I can get home and make dinner.

I came home and made mini pizza's on wonton wrappers. I was a little hesitant at first but boy they were good! I put ground chicken on 3 of them and had 2 with pepperoni as my protein and I ate about all of them. The wrapers are only 20 calories each. I saw a recipe for this somewhere, I think it was on the World According to Egg Face website.

Anyway, I will update after my fill tomorrow night. Liquid puree in the morning going to clear liquids 4 hours before my fill. Then liquid puree for 2 days and soft foods for 2 days. Back to regular foods on Monday! Just in time for Thanksgiving!!

Happy Hump Day tomorrow!!

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