Sunday, November 18, 2012

Today's VIP (Very Important Purchase) :)

So I have been really wanting to find a way to track the calories I am burning during my workouts. I have used My Fitness Pal, I have a fit bit that I wear and I've tried tracking the activities on that website too. I have also wanted to find a way to track my calories burned while I am swimming. Since I do a lot of that and it is my main work-day exercise. So upon doing some reseach I found that the best way to track calories burned is to use a heart monitor. OK Cool. I can do that. I found a decent one at Big 5 for only $80. And on the upside! It's water resistant to 30 meters! This should totally work.

I tested it out today while I did my Wii Fit Yoga & EA Active today. It was so exciting for me to see these results. TOTALLY made me feel like I am accomplishing something great!
Check me out!

Now if only I can remember to stretch AFTER I work out like my darling friend told me too :)

Have a fabulous Sunday evening!!

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  1. congrats :D I find that I like working out more if I use my monitor, but it refused to work with me when I got too fat, so hopefully I can start using it again soon :D