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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I will avoid the food coma tomorrow!!

I have made a decision! Tomorrow I will avoid the food coma!

I am determined! And I don't want to get sick! The whole PB thing scares me. Especially after my experience last week! I am still working on what my "Full Level" feels like to me, I think tonight I went a little past it. I am not uncomfortable but I could be less full and I would be fine. Tomorrow I will pay extra special attention!

Yes I am cooking a ton of food for the amount of people that are coming over. We are going to have lots of yummy left overs.

I am going to work out with my EA Active in the morning after the turkey is in the oven as well.

So I have been swimming with my heart monitor the last few days and today was the most exciting.
I swam for a total of 33.4 minutes and the calorie burn was so cool to see!! First round was this...
 Naturally being at 286 calories wasn't quite good enough. Such an odd number. SO..... all I needed was this....

2 more minutes gave me 17 more calories! So 303 calories for basically swimming hard for 33.4 minutes. I feel accompished today! I think thats pretty darn good!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

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