Saturday, November 10, 2012

Temporary Setback

I guess everyone will face a challenge along the way. Last night my kids had a volleyball party to celebrate the end of the season and it was about dinner time and I did not have any "diet" food with me. So since I was starving, I had some pasta alfredo and penne with sauce. It was probably about a total of a cup. The Salad was the healthiest and the 1/2 of breadstick and the small desert I probably should have avoided.

Tonight I also had some egg noodles in my chili and I feel a little to full. Hopefully this won't have a huge adverse affect on the positive progress I've made so far.

It was so cold this morning I didnt walk either. And it is currently windy and snowing. Today was a complete lazy day. Yes, now I feel guilty!! I need to get that will power back. I'm just tired this weekend. My goal is to do twice and much exercise tomorrow. Treadmill, eliptical, and Wii Fit!

Weigh-in is on Monday. Hopefully my results will be positive.

Happy Saturday Night!

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