Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I feel great but a little sore around my port site...

Today was great! I find that I have more energy these days and I feel motivated to change. I have only lost 15 lbs so far but its only been 22 days since I had surgery.

I feel accomplished today too. I was able to stay away from the Halloween candy despite the many temptations around the office. I went swimming this afternoon and swam pretty hard for a solid 25 minutes. I would say moderate intensity. And went for a 1 mile walk after dinner with the hubby! I am seriously thinking of going to Zumba once a week. I have a friend that teaches the classes at a 24 hour fitness nearby. It sounds so fun. Lap Band Gal put this thought in my head!

Soft foods have been fun. Tonight I had a buffalo ground turkey burger. Nothing exotic, but it was tasty. Here are some of the foods I've had :) The first on is the Ground Turkey Buffalo Burger (With Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce) with la tablespoon of light ranch dressing, Cottage Cheese Oatmeal Pancakes, and a flourless crepe filled with applesauce flavored cottage cheese. I found these great small square plates at World Market along with the mini silverware! and they weren't outrageously priced!

My port site has been a little sore the last few days. I think I might have pulled something. Seems like there is a little swelling in that area too. Feels like something is pulling. I see the doctor in a week so I am holding out. It's not infected and my incisions are healing nicely. Hopefully this will go away soon.
Cheers! Tomorrow is Hump Day!!

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